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About us
Welcome to TORRO, the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation.
Founded in 1974, we are a privately-supported research body, specialising in severe convective weather in Britain and Ireland.
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Did you know?
Tornado Around 30-35 tornadoes are reported in the UK/Ireland in an average year...
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NEW PAPER The Jersey tornado and hailstorm of 1-2 November 2023
Members of TORRO Published 8 February 2024
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Recent severe weather events
Funnel cloud
11 Feb 2024
Pegwell Bay
Wind damage
21 Jan 2024
Athboy to Navan
Co Meath
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UK date records 27 February
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International Journal of Meteorology
IJMet The IJMet is the associate journal of TORRO, publishing research into UK and international severe weather events.
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TORRO Anniversary Book
TORRO Anniversary book The TORRO 40th anniversary book, "Extreme Weather: Forty Years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation" is available to buy online from
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