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2021 Membership
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The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) has a formal membership scheme for both amateur and professional meteorologists and enthusiasts who share a common interest in severe weather.

TORRO is a non-profit making research organisation and caters for ALL severe weather enthusiasts worldwide. For many years TORRO has been at the academic forefront of severe weather research in Europe and our members include professional meteorologists and scientific researchers.
However, this is not a condition of joining TORRO! In fact some of our most enthusiastic staff and members are just ordinary folk who share a common interest in the more extreme moods of Mother Nature.

We currently offer a membership scheme with the following benefits:
  • A TORRO membership card and TORRO information booklet
  • Inclusive subscription to TORRO’s own publication: 'The International Journal of Meteorology'
  • Twice-yearly conferences, usually held at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Access to our friendly online forum for up to date information on current weather events and to discuss severe weather related topics, along with advanced discussion of the TORRO severe weather forecast
  • A TORRO pen and sticker
We will be launching a more comprehensive scheme in Autumn 2021, but in the meantime to apply for membership or update your details as an existing member use our Contact Form to get in touch and select Membership in the drop-down menu. Where applicable include your membership number in the comments box. All applications are approved by a member of TORRO Staff initially, and we will contact you via email once confirmed.