Severe Weather Events
Below are a list of notable severe weather events, most involving Site Investigations to enable a detailed written report to be produced. This is by no means a complete list, and will continue to be updated.

Date Event type Locations impacted TORRO
27 December 2023 Tornado (T5) Dukinfield and Stalybridge (Greater Manchester) Under investigation
12 December 2023 Tornado (T3) Wrays and Salfords (Surrey) Under investigation
10 December 2023 Tornado Leitrim (Co Leitrim) Under investigation
01 November 2023 Tornado (T6) and Large Hail St Clement to Fliquet (Jersey)
01 November 2023 Tornado (T2/3) Loders (Dorset) Under investigation
28 October 2023 Tornado (T3) Condicote (Gloucestershire)
28 October 2023 Tornado (T4) Littlehampton and Wick (West Sussex)
17 September 2023 Tornado (T2) Littlehampton, Wick and Lyminster (West Sussex)
23 October 2022 Tornado (T4)
Tornado (T1)
Tornado (T3)
Barton on Sea to New Forest (Hampshire)
Timsbury (Hampshire)
Up Somborne to Hurstbourne Priors (Hampshire)
23 October 2022 Tornado (T2/T3) Marwell (Hampshire)
31 October 2021 Tornado (T3) Cassington (Oxfordshire)
31 October 2021 Tornado (T4) Church Hanborough to Hampton Gay (Oxfordshire)
21 December 2019 Tornado (T3) Ottershaw and Chertsey (Surrey)
26 March 2009 Tornado (T2) Brundish (Suffolk)
07 August 2008 Tornado (T2) Lakenheath (Suffolk)
07 - 08 January 1998 Tornado (T3) and Hail Selsey (West Sussex) to Peacehaven (East Sussex) ,
14 December 1989 Tornado (T4) Great Moulton, Wacton and Long Stratton (Norfolk)