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If you have witnessed an event or know of an event of severe or unusual weather that you think may be of interest to TORRO then please use this form to make an initial report.

The information that you supply is invaluable to us and will enable TORRO to further it’s research.
Please supply as much information as you can on the form, all items mark with a * are required as we may wish to contacting you should we need to clarify any of the information that you have provided.
TORRO will accept reports from anywhere in the World, although site investigations by TORRO Staff are mainly limited to Europe.
So if you experience anything that you feel may be of use to our research then please report it, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

For specific weather events, TORRO has a set of detailed questionnaires that can be emailed or posted to us.
You can find full details of these forms HERE.

TORRO will never publish any of your personal details without first obtaining your permission.

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Any Damage Caused:
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 Note: Videos and images can be uploaded HERE.
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Thank you for taking the time to submit your report and supporting our research.